What is Life 4 Africa?
Life 4 Africa is a humanitarian project founded by Pastors Harvey & Lesley Campbell. It is an American based and managed fundraising initiative whose benefactors are South African based registered charitable organizations. The Lord impressed upon their hearts to select 10 such organizations and raise funds across North America to help these organizations reach their goals.
Helping those in need has been a passion for both Harvey & Lesley since their early teen years, as part of a junior Chamber of Commerce in the city of Durban, known at the Durban Youth Council. At the age of 16 Harvey pioneered a fundraising project where he and a team broke a South African and World Non-Stop Cycling record and raised a substantial amount of money in the process to benefit a local orphanage. Harvey has served on numerous boards, schools and charities in South Africa over the last 25 years. Lesley has assisted in countless fundraising initiatives and together they have been instrumental in raising hundreds of thousands of Rand to date.
The Lord has lain upon their hearts to take the needs of the represented charities on the road across North America to make appeals for financial aid to literally anyone who will listen. The two primary methods of fundraising appeals will be firstly, to churches that will give and donate in a mission’s context to their charity of choice and secondly, to corporate America who may make tax deductible donations on behalf of their companies.

Churches and companies will enjoy the privilege of seeing by visual presentation the work that the charity of their choice is doing in South Africa. They will also enjoy the guarantee of knowing that these funds will accomplish the purpose for which they are earmarked. They will further enjoy the security of knowing that these selected charities have been more than pre-screened but that both Pastors Harvey and Lesley have enjoyed long-term involvement and relationships with these charities and are to be considered very worthy causes.

Where the Money Goes
Money donated may be made payable by check to “Life 4 Africa” which is a project of Making it Matter Ministries Inc. The monies are then distributed to the elected charity as chosen by the donor and transferred into South African Rands. Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

Benefactor Organizations: The following are the selected charities with brief descriptions, all of which have been exhaustively investigated by Life 4 Africa and have been selected on the merit of their exceptional work ethics.

The Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Life 4 Africa has selected the Hope Center Clinic which was founded in 2001. This is a Durban based initiative that focuses on caring for people living with HIV/AIDS. It is geographically uniquely positioned near the center of the city and is financed completely by private funding and donations. Like many such initiatives the Hope Center Clinic has its part to play in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic. This clinic offers counseling, screening, testing, and medical treatment to its many patients.

The Fight Against Child Malnutrition. Life 4 Africa has selected two charities.

The first benefactor is feed the Babies Fund which was founded in 1957 and enjoys a long history in the fight against infant disease. For nearly 50 years they have provided food for children from birth to 4 years amongst the poorest communities in the Kwa Zulu Region. Feed the Babies Fund distributes food directly to clinics in many remote rural areas and have helped countless thousands of children grow up to be normal healthy adults. Currently they are feeding around 8000 children per day and are solely supported by private donations.

Where the Money Goes Continued…
The second benefactor in this category is Project Hope. Pastors Harvey and Lesley made a personal visit to this project in October 2005 and were deeply moved at the severity of poverty and literal hunger amongst this community. Project Hope was founded in 2000 and works amongst a desperately poor community in the Port Elizabeth region of South Africa. This is primarily a feeding scheme and training center focusing on child development life skills.

Providing Education. Life 4 Africa has selected two schools in the Kwa Zulu Natal region.

The Highway Christian Academy and the International Christian Academy are both founded upon a Christian Ethos and are committed to excellence in the education. Both schools receive no government assistance and are solely dependent upon private funding. Money raised will go to the issuing of grants to underprivileged children who otherwise would not be able to attend either of these schools. Substantial donations can also be given for capital projects such as adding school buildings.

Medical Development and Research
One of the greatest success stories of any Missions Hospital in South Africa is found in the city of Durban. McCord’s Hospital was founded by an American missionary over one hundred years ago and today is a beacon of light and hope for many local residents who simply do not have the means for medical insurance.

Donations may be earmarked for medical research, capital projects or for general use in the fulfillment of the hospital’s goals and objectives. McCord’s Hospital has several ongoing research development projects.

How You Can Help: You can invite Life 4 Africa to make a presentation to your church or corporation. An audio visual presentation will bring you right up to date with the enormity of the needs that these selected charities face every day of the their lives. No matter how much you give and no matter to which benefactor you elect you can be sure your donation through Life 4 Africa will be put the exceptionally good use. People’s lives will be improved, children will be fed and educated and those who find themselves at the deepest moment of despair will be given help and hope for the future.

We will come to you anywhere any time in North America. Our presentations vary from 15 minutes to 45 minutes and are tailored to suit all communities and interested donors.